First Visit

Thank you for taking a look at Dr Wells’s practice. We are open to new patients, and you can find information about which insurance we take as well as other policies here.

Appointments & paperwork

Dr Wells offers free 10-minute “meet and greet” consult in person or on the phone, giving you on opportunity to meet her, learn about her approach to medical care and see if she is the best doctor to help you on your path. Please note that no medical advice can be given in these meetings.

Initial visits with Dr Wells are usually scheduled for 90 minutes. Subsequent appointments will range anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. Your first visit must be scheduled over the phone with office staff. Dr Wells does not schedule new patient visits online.

Once you have an appointment on the books, our front desk staff will send you a health history questionnaire. If you prefer to fill out a form by hand and bring it with you, please download the appropriate paperwork below. Be sure to bring your insurance card with you if you would like us to file claims on your behalf. Please check our Insurance page for more information about billing and other policies.

Call (206) 632-2154 to make an appointment, or use our online appointment scheduler here.

Please note that our office is fragrance-free in order to keep the environment safe and comfortable for all of our patients. Please refrain from wearing perfumes, scented lotions, after shaves and hair products.

Time of service / out of network discount

In recognition that patients seeing Dr. Wells out of network or with no coverage will be paying in full out of their own pocket, such patients will receive a discount on visits in the form of a reduced hourly rate. Dr. Wells’ in network hourly rate is $375; out of network and time of service patients will be charged a reduced rate of $250 per hour. This discount does not extend to services, such as injections or manual therapy, or non-service products such as supplements.

Late cancellations and no show fees

We require 48 hours notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment. For appointments on Mondays, that means you must give notice on Thursday because we are closed on Saturday and Sunday. Patients that “no show” or do not give 48 hours notice to cancel their appointment may be assessed a late cancel/no show appointment charge commensurate with Dr. Wells’ time of service rate of $250/hour. For example, a patient who “no shows” for a 60-minute appointment will be charged $250, while a patient who “no shows” for a 30-minute appointment will be charged $125. This charge is your responsibility. Insurance companies do not pay for missed appointments. A “no-show” is when a patient misses an appointment without cancelling it. This includes arriving 15 minutes after your scheduled appointment. Late arrivals of 15 minutes or more may be required to reschedule their appointment and will be assessed a “no show” charge as listed above. A patient with two or more “no shows” maybe be discharged from the

All clinic policies including the above and more are available in our full policy document:

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