Current Patients

Patient Portal

Dr Wells uses ChARM for her electronic charting. This software allows patients to receive lab results, request appointments, pay their bill, and send messages. If you have not received an email inviting you to set up your ChARM portal account, please call the office to request this service. Access the portal here:

ChARM Logo Button

Log on here for Telehealth visits

Online Scheduling

Please note that our office is fragrance-free in order to keep the environment safe and comfortable for all of our patients. Please refrain from wearing perfumes, scented lotions, after shaves and hair products. If you are a new patient, you must schedule your first visit by phone with our office staff. Dr Wells does not offer online scheduling for new patients.

How to schedule a telehealth appointment:

On the website:

  1. Using the window below these instructions, select Telehealth in the Select a Service box
  2. Choose your desired date and time from the calendar
  3. Fill in your name, date of birth, and gender and click Next
  4. Enter the reason for your appointment in the Reason for Appointment field
  5. Enter the text you see in the image in the Image Text field
  6. Click Confirm

In the portal:

  1. Click Request An Appointment in the blue bar at the top of the screen
  2. Select Dr Wells from the Provider Name list
  3. Select Telehealth from the Visit Type list
  4. Choose your desired date and time from the calendar
  5. Enter the reason for your appointment in the Reason field
  6. Click Request

If using the form below, be sure to scroll through the list of potential services to find the one you need.

Order Supplements

Dr Wells uses FullScript and Wellevate for many of the supplements she prescribes.

Access your FullScript account here:

Purchase products through our Fullscript virtual dispensary.

Access your Wellevate account here: